1. Informing our members about the issues as well as the latest assaults against our democracy (DACA, women's rights, unqualified judges gutting regulations) and then providing our members with concrete actions they can take to respond to these (phone calls, letters/postcards, town halls, marches, local organized groups, Twitter, visits to Congressional offices, etc.) The beauty is that this is not a top down model but our members provide the information and actions. This is a step towards moving people from virtual activity to real, hands-on action.

2. We encourage through our public VL page (in Spanish and English) for people to register to vote, and get involved in the electoral process and those pages provide resources people can link to. We also give GOTV info on Equal about how to register people to vote and how to get them to the polls on Election Day. 

3. Equal has transitioned to a virtual meeting space for progressive candidates seeking to ride the Blue Wave  into office. To that end over 1000 candidates from across the nation have joined Equal. We not only encourage those seeking  "national" office but local and state office as well and welcome them to post campaign needs so that members in their district can volunteer (phone banks, canvassing, meet and greets, etc.)  Equal recognizes that to reclaim progressive America we must turn the nation Blue from the grassroots up. 

4. Equal is a secret FB but we have created 9 sister regional FB pages dedicated to all things electoral those regions. And we encourage our Equal candidates to join those respective sister VoteLocal groups to more closely connect to a population that has the ability and interest to both contribute with money or boots on the ground. 

5. We will be selectively endorsing for primaries and then endorsing once the primaries are done. Our preference will be to more actively assist  progressive candidates  from traditionally  under-represented groups (women, minorities,etc) and who  are in flippable districts and locals. of course, we wlll continue to provide space on Equal and the VLs for all progressive candidates to  post and access our members as potential resources for them.
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