We have moved beyond protest to empowerment. Please research and share:
Calls to Action - phone calls to members of Congress, tweets, letters, postcard campaigns, town hall meetings, marches, phone banks, Get-Out-The-Vote initiatives, canvassing opportunities, etc.
•Posts from candidates running for office. We encourage candidates to share volunteer opportunities and upcoming events. We ask that you NOT ask for donations; however, if you direct members to your website, they can donate there.
•Tools and strategies that address our goals and offer ways for members to be actively involved.


To share a post from Equal, please check with the person who originally posted it by private message to ensure you have their permission. Avoid sharing identifying information without their knowledge or consent. Going to the original news source and sharing directly from there is preferable.
Heading 5


We welcome honest, lively discussion around substantive issues -- racism, gender inequity, sexual orientation, etc. but won’t tolerate comments that are bigoted, racist, sexist, or homophobic. You are free to disagree. This is how we learn. But, personal attacks on others are grounds for removal from Equal. Please refrain from using profanities or inappropriate terms unless they are illustrative; if you are quoting from a source that used profanity, it may be necessary to the discussion. But, in commenting, please seek to communicate ideas in ways that enable others to focus on the message rather than the language.

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